10 Best Golf Drivers Reviews in 2021

Do you want to learn the golf game? Are you a beginner and thinking of how to improve your skills in the golf tournament?

Do you know that to success the golf game you need to have the right driver?. If any of the response to these questions is yes, then this article is for you.

We are going to address some of the best golf club drivers and some things to consider when selecting among many available models.Honestly, to choose the best golf driver relies heavily on your level of skill and what you prefer most in divers.

One thing you should note down is that the success in the golf tournament, along with the right skill is backed up with the right gear. 

Even if you are a professional, you will need the best and reliable golf drivers that will facilitate you to execute to your maximum.

Now thinking about how and where to get the best golf driver

Indeed it can be challenging to choose the best driver with the fact that there are many brands and makers out there.

Top 10 Best Golf Driver Reviews In 2020

However, worry-less, we are here to give the solution for people like you. So, let’s get started.

1. Callaway Men’s Bertha Fairway Wood 

Callaway has gradually integrated its critical innovation to produce a club that will guarantee extra distance and precision with each shot.

2017’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver includes Callaway’s unique jailbreak technology that modifies how the head and face react when it comes to more speed in a broader part of the face for an extended distance.

It has also been built with Speed-Step technology, which increases the speed of the wind to achieve more swing speed and distance.

With two handy weights (2 grams and 12 grams) in the racket, you can control the spin and direction.

With a huge head that will enhance on distance and accuracy, this is what you should think of among many other drivers. Below are some of its pros and cons


  • Four shaft alternatives available.
  • extended distance from jailbreak technology
  • Faster head speeds from speed step technology
  • Two equivalent weights for turning and direction control.


  • Highly priced for the value
  • Only suitable for an expert

2. Taylor Made Golf 2018 M4 Driver  

The TaylorMade M4 Driver is one of the most innovative and advanced drivers of 2018.

The M4 combines a creative new twist face innovation, hammerhead space and acoustic configuration to provide the ideal speed, rotation, and direction on drives.

The Twist Face is useful for golfers who may find it difficult to resort to head movements as they are revised for those who give the final absolution. The new M3 also comes with Twistable Face. 

However the M4 is a somehow broader for all golfers because you have to move the customizable weights of the M3 driver.

The acoustic configuration found in the acclaimed M2 driver is enhanced in the M4 to give far better stability and weight.

Also, the M4 accompanied a refreshed look, with a thin silver edge on the head, rather than the white found in the M2.

This gives an innovative and updated look at the best driver for 2018.


  • One of the most mechanically driven drivers created by TaylorMade
  • Great distance and accuracy off-center strikes
  • Cheaper for the value compared to some of its counterparts


  • The Twist Face makes it difficult to determine in the test.
  • The lack of agility could have a negative impact on golfers who adjustability

3. Taylor Made 2017 M2 


Among the best golfers that you can get out there, the TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Driver 460cc is genuinely outstanding.

It’s just best for the ebb and flow of time as well as a highlight among other golfers, no doubt.

The head shape of this driver is extensive, and the dimension is similar to the 3D.

It is not difficult to reach ball gaps with it. Experienced users and amateurs will also have the ability to achieve their target effortlessly.

Its body is a combination of many materials that makes it lightweight. It will not a lot of your power to shoot the golf ball.

Although the weight is light, it is unique for the power and speed of the ball.

It has also been integrated with Geocoustic technology. However, before you get it, read about some of its pros and cons


  • It can control the travel of the ball.
  • capable of preventing swing or spin
  • Multi-material made body for durability
  • Very low in weight thus not tiresome
  • The broad head face is a guarantee to perfect targeting.


  • The expensive model compared to other models with the same features

4. ​PGX Offset Golf Driver 

The PGX   Driver can be regarded as the one with improved features and high quality. The head of this club is 460 cc. The balance has ensured in it by the anti-slice technology.

Unlike most of the driver in this review, this one has a cover on its head.

The head area is wide and hitting the target will be easy. It will also be easy to have control over the flying or spinning balls. 

The club’s speed is excellent. You can take the shot away, even if you use the lower power.

Like the above ones, featured in this our best Golf Drivers reviews, it also has some pros and cons;


  • Gives excellent control over the spinning ball
  • The head with a cover for durability
  • Highly practical handle
  • Has a broad head face that can suit beginners


  • The cover on the head affects the spinning

5. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver 

Here is another great golf driver with amazing work performance. There are number of reasons why we are forced to feature this in our review.

 One is from its aerodynamic technology. This will enable the ball will move quickly and immediately after the shot.

 The facial margins are radiant so that an irresistible hit can drive the ball to a distant location. Genrmoto’s next innovation was used for extra speed. In a simple word, this model is a speeding ruler.

There is no other preferred alternative to this driver for the persons who must force golf balls in the fast-forward. For its extra speed is why we have featured it our review.

This king of speed drivers is made of titanium, which is exceptionally stable and durable. If you are obsessed with speed, this is for you.


  • Great shot power to drive the far ball distance
  • A bit lighter compared to its counterparts
  • Specially designed for the speed.
  • The titanium made face that is very fast and strong and will last longer.


  • The wide head face can be a bother to some users.

6. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver

There are many things to say about Callaway’s Bertha, golf driver. Indeed it is another incredible driver with high precision and performance.

 Currently, you can adjust the head without having to worry about the check-in point because of the gravity control offered by that driver.

In essence, you can smoothly go into a low spin, which will put you in a league of experienced players.

With the interchangeable weights, you can change the shot direction so you can send your balls exactly where you need them.

Another customizable utility offered is the way in which the hosel can be incremented or reduced by just one-degree increments.

For sure, this is the right driver you need, than any other typical driver that will not allow you to hit the target you want.


  • Anti-slice technology is a guarantee to its balance
  • The broader head face will suit even the amateurs
  • Lightweight and stable head structure
  •  Adjustable head for spinning


  • The too flexible head that only suits the experts

7. Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver 

Outstanding among other golfers for amateurs is the Cobra Men’s Bio Cell a model that combines all the incredible features that one would expect from a great golf driver.

This model takes into account eight different loft settings that allow you to achieve higher distance, and also to have freedom over direction and limit gaps.

It uses a wide range of fascinating enhancements that get this driver in shape.

The E9 BiO Cell confront is responsible for offering a larger sweet zone so that you can drive your ball with greater precision and at longer distances.

The equal weighting is responsible for the incredible control this driver offers. Besides, you can explore different ways of shots without facing any limitation.

Thin, flawlessly modified and easy to customize, this is the kind of golf driver you should consider in your purchase of golf driver.


  • Has user-friendly adjustable settings
  • Allows the control of spin and loft based of the user’s swing


  • Lower loft that might fall below what most require
  • Hollow head feels too light to some users

8. Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Epic Driver

The Callaway Golf 2017  Epic driver is a decent club that you will see right technology,  great development of its plan that bodes well, and communicates on what it intends to achieve.

The GBB Epic Driver accompanies slimmer faces due to additional basic strength. Callaway’s specialists worked admirably on the structuring of the head which has two bars extending from the crown to the inside of the sole.

As a result of these improvements, the face is 20% slimmer and more resilient than at any other time. 

It also has a front and rear weight port for 12g and a 2g port. Put the heavier weight on the front, and it will make a lower flight and put it on your back, and you will have a driver with a higher MOI than the ultra-sorry Big Bertha Fusion.


  • Jail brake technology makes lightweight
  • Small and taller profile


  • Cost higher

9. TaylorMade M3 Driver 440cc


The TaylorMade M3 Driver is one of the most technologically modified drivers that is built with a great sweet spot that will allow customized adjustment of the ball flight.

Replacing TaylorMade’s M1 driver, it comes with some advancements and innovations that make it a win.

The TaylorMade M3 Driver regardless of it being new in the market has gained popularity at high intensity. It is only because of some features.

The inventive new Twist Face configuration features a corrective curvature, which will guarantee a straighter drive.

The hammerhead opening adds absolution while simultaneously increasing ball speed to add drive on the fairway.

The TaylorMade M3 Driver is entirely an astonishing club suitable for low to medium level golfers who are aspiring to improve on-court performance.


  • Technologically modified driver for speed and accuracy
  • extended ball distance
  • advanced technology alongside low price


  • lacks head adjustability thus limited on the ways of shooting

10. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha V Series

Fast into the 21st Century, and the Big Bertha V Series fairway features an average-sized head that sits firmly in place.

It has a reflective crown that reflects everything in range, but the white chevron arrangement helps out well.

Not at all like the “common Big Bertha fairways”, there is no moving hosel on the V series fairway, on the other hand, its skinny Hosel joins nicely with the gritty looks.

That keeps the weight down and probably the cost down.

The Callaway says that when attempting extra lofts, for example, the 20.5 ° it will provide enough alternatives for all golfers.


  • The lightest and of faster swing speed and extended distance in the family of Callaway.


  • Un-experienced players will have the controllability problem due to faster speeds


Things To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Driver!

With so many products out there, settling on the right and suitable model that will suit your needs can be really hard.

Lucky enough, here we cover some of the things you can use while making your decision.

  • Loft

If you choose a driver with a higher loft, you will have a higher angle of ball shooting. This implies that your golf ball will as well travel further.

For one with a larger clubface, higher lost is an absolute necessity as it results in less control.

By combining the two, you can reach the best golfers in 2018 without breaking a sweat.

If you are forced to choose between drivers with comparable edges, you will run for the one with the higher loft, as this is a guarantee to distance.

  • Shaft

If you are looking for a golf driver, also remember to analyze the shaft. In case you regularly have a lower swing rate, drive with a more flexible shaft is ideal. In that sense, you can send the ball to a further distance.

On the other hand, players with a higher swing speed should choose stiffer models so they can benefit from high precision.

  • The size of the head

Most heads are available in sizes between 440 cc and 460 cc. 440 heads are smaller and better for golfers who are more experienced and those who can control the flight of the ball.

 The 460 cc heads are bigger thus suitable for un-experienced golfers, who may need a bit more absolution when they hit the ball because they do not hit the ball with the right target.

  • Adjustability

This is an essential component.  During your selection, first check for angle and position adjustment.

Try to make the shot in front, back, left and right. If it’s not flexible, you need to reconsider your choice.

Some models can be minimized by compressing the handle, and while other, their length can be extended by removing the fold.

If the size is customizable, you can use it anywhere and at any position. So before you buy a golf club, you should see if it is adjustable or not.

If not adaptable, give it the last place on your priority list.

  • Structure and appearance

The look may not be the most critical thing in the world, but there’s a lot to be said for looking the ball, looking at the club, and feeling the part of the game. It only sets the tone and makes you feel good. 

  • Budget

After all, the budget of a golfer must be taken into account when choosing a driver. It is clear that the cost of a driver can be an obstacle for some golfers. Select the one you can afford its expense.

Final Thoughts

Here we reach an end of our review of the best golf drivers in the year 2018 and beyond. One thing you should note is that there are many best golf drivers out there.This article has only presented some of them to make your search for the top rated golf drivers simple.We hope that this review is an incredible win for you who have been looking for new and top rated brands for golf drivers.

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