10 Best Golf Shoes Reviews in 2021

You’re just looking for buying the best golf shoes in 2020, right?

Golf shoes are specifically designed for golfer so that they can be comfortable during the golf sessions. If you’re a golfer, then you can fully enjoy your game when you will be wearing a pair of comfortable golf shoes.

Our today’s discussion is mainly on golf shoes that are worth buying and also going discuss few facts that you must know if you want to pick the right one.

1. FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex

FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex is one of the finest pairs of shoes that can truly give comfort while playing golf. FootJoy’s pair is made of quality materials.

The manufacturer has given this pair such structure that it can fit pretty well. The soles are also great performers. As these soles are synthetic, they can help you walk or run on most of the surfaces.

The combination of athletic mesh can give you full comfort, so your feet will feel flexible inside. These shoes have spikes that can perfectly ensure gripping facility.

Even, your feet will not feel any kind of pain while wearing this for a long period of time. Providing stability for a longer period of time is another positive side of this amazing pair of shoes.

Let’s know some positive and negative sides of these shoes in a nutshell.


  • The combination of synthetic and mesh is soft enough to provide comfort to the user
  • Synthetic soles are capable of providing the good gripping facility
  • The pair doesn’t weight much
  • Can be used in any season


  • Few users might have to buy a smaller size than their regular ones, so check before make purchase..

2. FootJoy Men’s Freesyle 2.0

FootJoy Men’s Freesyle 2.0 is a top-rated golf shoes for pro golfers in the current market. The construction of this fine pair is their biggest positive side. The soles provide maximum comfort while you’re wearing them to play. 

A major advantage these shoes will give you is the mobility. You can walk or run on the ground freely wearing these golf shoes with a good color combination, this pair of shoes will help you look attractive too.

The construction of the upper side of these shoes makes them light enough and soles makes sure you don’t slip even in wet conditions while walking.

The waterproof feature makes this pair more useful. The manufacturer also assures the durability issue of the materials. You can use these shoes for a long time without any kind of hesitation.


  • Mesh is used for the upper side which weights light
  • Innersok system is integrated for providing maximum support
  • The rubber out-soles are soft and comfortable
  • The construction doesn’t allow water to go inside these shoes


  • These shoes might be a little bit loose
  • They should try these shoes wearing very thick socks.

3. FootJoy Men’s Drjoys

The manufacturers ensure that this pair will fit you perfectly without causing any trouble, so this pair are quite exceptional.

The leather is used here to give this pair a nice and precise look and also produce great services and used is pretty much softer than other materials, so the soles are enough soft.

They can let you feel comfortable for a very long time. The materials are durable and capable of producing facilities for many years.

You can perform movements easily wearing this pair of shoes. The cushioned construction helps to produce underfoot construction all the time.

The soles are capable of providing a slip-resisting feature. Even the stitching of this pair is durable and strong to provide service for a long time.


  • The leather used in these shoes is extremely comfortable and durable
  • The manufacturer ensures the shoes to fit perfectly
  • Underfoot comfort is ensured by the construction
  • Fiberglass is used in the soles to let the shoes behave supportively
  • The pair has a classic design and looks fantastic


  • There is nothing special about the quality of the stitching of these shoes
  • They are quite average
  • Durability is not assured by the manufacturers.

4. Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX

Callaway is a very familiar brand to pro golfers for its awesome footwear. You can also wear them for various purposes besides playing golf. 

Even, ensure the durability and great performance and the manufacturer has used quality leather to give this pair a good structure, so both upper and lower sides are made perfectly.

The waterproof feature helps you to keep your feet dry in the rainy season. The soles are made of durable rubber, you will find it on the out soles of these shoes.

The inner parts of these shoes are really soft and flexible. The construction promises to provide maximum stability. These shoes will fit precisely with your feet. It will also help you perform movement comfortably.


  • The combination of synthetic and mesh is soft enough to provide comfort to the user
  • Synthetic soles are capable of providing the good gripping facility
  • The pair doesn’t weight much
  • Can be used in any season


  • Few users might have to buy a smaller size than their regular ones. Check before buying.


  • Microfiber leather is used to make the upper parts of the shoes.
  • Soles are made of rubber.
  • Outsoles are spiked to produce good gripping facility.
  • Waterproof feature keeps your feet dry during rainy season.
  • Fits nicely and don’t let your feet feel any sort of pain at all.
  • Attractive design lets you use them for other purposes too.


  • The quality of the stitching is average and not pretty much durable.

5. Callaway Men’s Swami

With enough friendly features, Callaway’s this pair of shoes has achieved a place in our this list. Each and every part of this pair has maintained quality and helps you walk comfortably.

This pair can give you comfort in any type of surface. So, you don’t have to worry about anything while walking when you are wearing these ones. The rubber soles provide the gripping facility.

These soles help you to stay stable and strong. The structure won’t let your feet have any pain if you wear them for a long period of time.

These shoes will fit with your feet perfectly without causing any trouble. With incredible design, this pair can help you look bold in any place you go.


  • The combination of leather and Polyurethane is used to make the pair of shoes.
  • The full grain leather used here is soft and durable.
  • The insoles are removable.
  • Rubber soles provide the quality gripping feature
  • The shoes will fit perfectly and won’t let you feel any pain.


  • The quality of insoles is average. Nothing special about them.

6. PUMA Men’s Titantour Ignite Disc

Who didn’t hear the name and fame of Puma? This brand is famous for making quality sports equipment. Now we are presenting a pair of golf shoes made by this famous company.

The manufacturer has used leather to make this pair of shoes. This leather is quite soft and provides comfort to the user’s feet. There is no chance of your feet feeling any sort of pain after wearing these shoes for a very long time.

It is because the manufacturer has used other premium materials too along with Leather.

This pair also has the waterproof feature which allows the user to wear these shoes on rainy days.

Foam is used so that user get comfort all the time wearing these shoes. Stable Cushioning is another positive side of this pair.

These are light enough. You will surely enjoy wearing them to play golf.


  • Full grain leather is used to make the upper parts of these shoes.
  • Quality stitching makes the pair strong and durable.
  • TPU frame is integrated for better performance and flexibility.
  • This pair keeps your feet dry on rainy days.
  • These shoes can be cleaned easily.


  • If you wear thick socks, you might feel these shoes a little bit tighter.

7. PUMA Golf Men’s Ignite Drive

This pair of shoes is also made by the famous “Puma”.  Thought we chose this pair as one of the best golf shoes, you can use them even for other purposes too.

Anti-wicking construction is the most useful feature this pair produces. Your feet will stay dry and won’t sweat at all. 

It is because the mesh used at the parts is very useful and performs in every condition.

These shoes are totally breathable. Your feet will feel comfortable wearing these shoes.

All the materials can make you feel comfortable. You can walk or run on the ground flexibly.

The Ignite foam is used here. That is why you can stand on the ground wearing them for a long period of time.

These shoes also take the duty of keeping your feet dry in the wet season when you wear them and go out.

Along with all these features, this pair looks attractive. It can catch anybody’s attraction and help you enrich your personality.


  • A very light mesh is used to make the upper parts of the shoes.
  • These shoes are completely breathable and provide the anti-wicking feature.
  • The inner part has soft materials to make you feel comfortable.
  • Stable cushioning is ensured by the Ignite foam.
  • Eligible for all types of weather.


  • This pair of shoes doesn’t fit perfectly with wide feet. So, a user having wide feet should check this product carefully.

8. New Balance Men Shoe

This pair of shoes is specially made for profession male golfers. Though the product’s profile is low, it has lots of features that can make you feel comfortable while playing golf.

To give a user full comfort, the manufacturer, New Balance has used Leather to make the upper parts.

The outsoles are made of rubber. These soles have no spike. But still, it can give you quality gripping facility.

The insoles of these shoes behave supportively. The insoles have a good construction.

They keep your feet cool and dry. Your feet won’t sweat in summer days by wearing these shoes.


  • Microfiber leather is used to make the upper parts of the shoes.
  • These shoes are waterproof and keep your feet dry in heavy rain.
  • The weight of this pair is lighter than other similar ones.
  • The spike-less outsoles are flexible strong.


  • These shoes are comfortable but not that much durable as you can expect.Lace holes need improvement.

9. New Balance Men’s Golf Shoe

This is one of those pair of golf shoes which is light enough to make your feet feel comfortable during the whole game time.

These shoes will fit perfectly with your feet. With no pain issue, this pair can behave much friendly.

Although the product has no unique feature, it is still worth buying as it provides with all basic features.

This pair of shoes can last longer than common shoes. It is a kind of Minimalist shoes’ pair. The design of these shoes is quite classy and eye-catching too.

Another amazing fact is the shoes have the waterproof feature to keep your feet dry on rainy days.


  • The Flexible Outsoles are made of quality rubber.
  • The stitching is quite durable.
  • The waterproof feature is integrated.
  • A perfect choice for using as Minimalist shoes.
  • This pair provides lightweight cushioning feature.
  • Will fit well with your feet.


  • The spikes fall out very easily. The soles don’t lock the spikes perfectly.The parts can delaminate easily if you use these shoes roughly.

10. Adidas Golf Men’s Tour 360 

We are now presenting a pair of golf shoes made by Adidas. These shoes have quality materials.

These materials ensure both quality and strength. Comfortable Leather is used to give upper part construction.

This leather is very soft. You will enjoy wearing these boots even for a longer period of time.

These shoes can protect your feet from any rough situation. The mid-soles of these shoes have a nice construction to ensure the comfort issue.

The construction also produces cushioning too. These shoes also reduce the moisture issue.

This pair can also reduce friction too. It is because these shoes fit perfectly with your feet and the insoles behave gently enough.

The weight of this pair is not heavy at all. You can even run wearing them and your feet will never feel tired wearing these shoes.


  • The leather used here produces Climaproof technology.
  • Full-length boost foams are used as midsoles.
  • The shape of the heels is unique and it will follow the natural contour of your foot.
  • TPU outsoles produce stability.
  • Torsion Tunnel structure is used to make these shoes to ensure your feet’s flexibility.


  • The heel cushions are made cheaply. They are not that much durable like other parts of the shoes.


A Complete Golf Shoes Buying Guide for 2020

These were the ten pair of shoes which are currently the best golf shoes on the market. We showed you the best ones, you still need to know some basic facts before buying a pair of golf shoes.

Now, are going to tell you about those facts which you have to think before a pair of golf shoes or considering any pair as the best golf shoes.

  • Price

You can never escape this matter whether you want to buy the best golf shoes or anything else. You have to determine your budget first. Then search for the best option in that range.

 Never try to buy a cheaper product that fails to perform for a long period of time and doesn’t behave friendly.

But it also doesn’t mean that you have you buy only expansive ones. First of all, choose only those pairs which have necessary and other useful features.

Then, if you find the price reasonable according to the quality and features, buy the shoes.

  • Materials

The material is a major fact to think before buying any golf shoes. Nowadays, you will find varieties in the materials for making golf shoes.

Manufacturers are using several types of materials for creating the upper part of the shoes. Here are some famous materials that manufacturers are using for making the best quality golf shoes.

  • Synthetic​

Synthetic fabric is pretty much common these days. You will mostly find this fabric in the average type of shoes. As they are cheaper than other quality materials, many companies are using it. 

This fabric is pretty much light. Users will not feel something heavy is covering their feet when they wear shoes made of synthetic. Synthetic fabric is also thin.

But still, this material is capable of providing with much comfort and flexibility. You should also know that synthetic also ensures breathability feature too.

  • Leather​

You cannot deny the fact that leather is one of the most popular materials which is being used successfully for making golf shoes. Leather can produce several types of features.

When the upper parts of a pair of shoes are made of leather, you can be sure that those shoes will last longer than many other shoes in the current market.

Nowadays, manufacturers are using soft leather to make shoes. Because of this, those shoes can make you feel a lot more comfortable than other ones. The leather is a perfect choice as a material for making shoes for the golfers.

Shoes made of leather are stretch-free. Those shoes will fit with your feet perfectly. Leather can be durable enough to satisfy you. Shoes made by this material are enough breathable.

Few manufacturers are also using such leather that can give you a waterproof facility too.

  • Gore-Tex

It is the best choice until now as the material for making upper parts of the shoes. With fabulous breathability and durability, this material is even better than leather too. This material is thicker than leather. 

It also performs much better than other ones. This material is a perfect choice for using in those shoes which golfers wear in every type of weather condition. Any condition will suit this material. 

But only negative side about both Gore-Tex and Leather is the price. Shoes made using those materials are a little bit costly.

But if you ignore the price then you surely will be satisfied with these materials.

  • Fitting

Buying a new pair of golf shoes will be useless if the pair doesn’t fit with your feet properly.

You have to remember that you have to stand for more than 4 hours on the ground for finishing the game. 

You even have to walk around the ground for a long time too. So, check the size of your feet properly before buying golf shoes.

  • Design

There are mainly two types of golf shoes found on the market. One of them is the traditional ones. These have very normal and classical look.

These shoes are strong and durable enough. Few of these shoes can provide you waterproofing facility too. Sadly, these shoes are not breathable enough to satisfy modern-day golfers.

The other one is the New Athletic ones. These have stylish looks and color combinations. You cannot differentiate them from other sports shoes. This type of shoes is waterproof.

They are quite comfortable even if you wear them for a long period of time. The main advantage you will get by buying this type of pair is the breathability fact.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s)

Will shoes that are not breathable cause too many troubles?

No, if you are going to have a game in cold or rainy season. Or else, there is no other choice than buying a pair which is pretty much breathable.

Which type of material is both durable & good looking?

It depends on your choice too. People’s choices do vary from one to another.

But if you wish for quality design with enough durability, then both Leather and Gore-Tex are the better choices in our view.

My feet sweat a lot, which types golf shoes will be perfect?

As your feet sweat a lot, you need a pair of golf shoes that is enough breathable and perfect for all type of weather condition.

Try to buy a pair of shoes which has quality material and modern structure.

Final Thoughts

Buying golf shoes is a hard nut to crack. You have to judge lots of things before buying. There are several types of product on the market.

It is quite difficult to find the best one of those. That is why we have given golf shoe reviews today.

Along with reviews we have discussed a few important facts. Hope you find the best pair of golf shoes with the help of the discussion above.

Share this article with your friends and have a good gaming day!

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