How to Choose the Right Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes play the vital role in giving your good performance at golf playing and we help you to select the right category of golf shoes for you.

Here you will get every detail on golf shoes buying tricks. Read our expert reviews on the best golf shoes.

Well, you can play golf without wearing golf shoes. But as you know this game needs your extreme focus and good aiming capacity.

Obviously, golf shoes affect your focusing capacity. And that is why it is important to know how to choose the best golf shoes which we will guide you for.

What Is the Specialty of Golf Shoes?

For example, a different sport there is specific footwear. Similarly, golf shoes are specially designed and prepared for participating in this game.

You may see some newcomers do not use golf shoes but that is risky. It makes the chance of being injured.

The special part of golf shoes which differs it from other sports shoes is that it prevents any foot injury while playing golf. Statistics show that likely 25% of fractures occur at playing to ankles or foot.

  • Types of Golf Shoes

If you want to know how to choose the best golf shoes of your category, you have to have a proper knowledge of the types of golf shoes available in the market.

There is a wide range of spikes, non-spikes, boots, and sneakers of different level of comfort and style.

  • Spiked Shoes

Retro styled leather and tassels characterized with wingtips of black and white spiked shoes come with breath-ability, water resistance, comfort and suction. It is comparatively more stable than the other ones.

  • Non-Spiked Shoes

You are allowed to use the non-spiked golf shoes at both the golf playing and regular life with its lightweight and cozy features. These shoes are famous in clubhouses as well as tee boxes.

The interesting part of this shoes which convince the professionals to use this is its ability to lessen the foot and back pain.

However, these golf shoes are less stable compared to the spiked shoes. And they are also lacking at waterproof and grip sector.

  • Golf Boot

If you look something indifferent that is more modified, then you should choose the waterproof and substitute to regular shoe- golf boots.

With more physical resistance the golf boots offer you warmth and perfect to use at the winter season.

Well, the golf boots are a bit heavy and don’t let you have a free swing of your ankle. There is some latest model that helps to keep out mud and water.

But they are quite expensive since they need to use for the full boot the thick materials that resist the water.

  • Golf Sandals

Sounds weird, right? Yes, golf sandals are the upgraded version of the golf shoe that is preferable for the hot climates. With the reasonable price, it also offers breathability and perfectness on the summer days.

But if you require walking far-off distance then golf sandals can because you blistered. They are appropriate if you know you are to access the golf carriage.

  • Materials of Golf Shoes

best golf shoes- depends on the variety of materials that golf shoes are made of. They can be of leather or covered by waterproof lining, or of alternative synthetic material.

Leather made golf shoes offers you stretch free and perfectly fitting. It is the most famous choice to make.

For the rainy season, you must need waterproof golf shoes which you can get with the waterproof lining material.

At affordable price and substitute to leather made shoes, you can choose the synthetic material-based golf shoes. But they are not durable and breathable as the leather made golf shoes.

Here we have made a chart of the best golf shoes that will help you on the very important issue- how to choose the best golf shoes.

Final Thoughts

The best golf shoes are available in the sports accessory’s stores. Also, nowadays there are so many online buying sites offers you the best quality golf shoes of your demand. 

No matter you are a professional or just entered the golf world, the best pair of golf shoes is necessary for giving the max of your performance at playing golf.

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