How to Calculate Golf Handicap?

Golf handicap was first introduced in the years 1911 in a move to allow golfers with differing ability to play in an evenly-matched manner.

When you know your handicap index, you will be able to determine the Course Handicap of a certain golf course you are playing on. When you and your opponents have been able to determine Course Handicaps. 

It becomes easy to tally your final scores in a manner that you will be able to compare them fairly even when you have different skill levels.

In this post, we will be discussing  how golf handicap is calculated.

How To Calculate Your Handicap Index

In order to calculate your handicap index, you will need at least 5 golf scores, but they should not exceed 20.

  • Finding your adjusted gross score

Get a minimum of ten 9-hole scores or five 18-hole scores. You can then calculate your Adjusted Gross Score.

In order to calculate your Adjusted Gross Score, total the number of strokes that you were taking during the round and then correct for the highest scores per hole.

The majority of golf courses make the information regarding maximum per-hole scores available publicly. You will also want to check the golf course’s website or make inquiries at the clubhouse.

For instance, if you took eight strokes on a hole with maximum-per score per hole of 5. Then you will count five strokes and not eight for that particular home when adding the total number of strokes for that game.

  • Calculating your handicap differential

With your AGS, you can calculate your handicap differential. To determine the handicap differential, you will minus AGS from the Course rating and then multiply by 113 and the divide by slope rating.

Course Rating is the value of each set of tees on a golf course. It helps in approximating the number of strokes that should be taken by a scratch golfer in order to complete the course.

The majority of golf courses make this particular information available on their official websites or it could also be found at the clubhouse.

Slope rating refers to the difficulty of a golf course for the average golfer and is usually calculated by comparing the scores of the bogey golfers and course rating.

You can find slope rating information at the course’s website or clubhouse.

  • Calculating your handicap index

Handicap index is determined by adding up differentials, then dividing by the number of differentials and then multiplying by 0.96. In the formula, 0.96 is the “bonus of excellence” figured by the UGSA into the handicap index

Settle on the number of differentials that should be used. If you’ve got 5 to 6 scores, then use the lowest differential; if you’re using 7-8 scores then use the lowest 2 differentials; and if you have 9-10 scores then use the three lowest differentials.

How To Calculate Your Course Handicap

You should have done that already; if not, you will need to calculate handicap index to determine course handicap.

  • Calculating your handicap index

Your course handicap takes into consideration your ability and the difficult of the course to show your handicap for that course, or in short,

How many strokes depending on your handicap index you can be able to deduct from the final score for this course.

  • Look for the slope rating of the golf course

Most courses will make this information available to people who plat at the club house. Find the Slope Rating of the course on the course’s websites or you could ask an employee at the clubhouse.

  • Calculating your course handicap

Now that you have your course’s Slope Rating and Handicap Index, you can add up your course handicap using this formula: Slope Rating X Handicap Index/113.

It is required that you divide by 113 as it stands for the Standard Slope Rating which is established buy UGSA.

Most courses offer conversion charts that allow players to skip the formula when looking up the Course Handicap. 

In addition, UGSA offers all-inclusive listing of course handicap conversion charts that are specific to the golf course you will be playing on.

How to Improve Your Handicap

As you continue to practice, you will improve your performance. So, you will want to make it a habit to regularly frequent the range.

  • Practice more

Perfect your stroke by using your practice at the range. This will lead to a better form when it counts. To know more visit here.

  • Check your equipment

Having over-use or ill-fitting equipment can affect your game negatively. You will want to make sure that check the equipment to see if it is in good condition. If it is not, then you may want to get a replacement.

Get the equipment fitted properly. Having the equipment sized properly to your body. This can make a big difference to the quality of your game.

  • Challenge yourself

To keep your skills diversified and sharp, you will want to challenge yourself. Play at different courses. You don’t have to play at your home course only. Challenge yourself by playing at different courses. 

Final Thoughts

This will help you to practice different skills. We hope we have helped you to understand how golf handicap is calculated. Share this article with your special guys. Thanks a lot!

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