How to Choose the Best Golf Rangefinder

Golf rangefinders are one of the best options that improve the quality of golf game with their designs to measure distances and identify objects in the course, they make golf easier.

They have numerous features, which guarantee improved gaming. Three types of rangefinders are available such as GPS, laser and optical models. Your choice depends on your level of experience and preference.

Which Things to Know Before Buying a Rangefinder?

Learning how to choose the best golf rangefinder should be easy with the following factors in place. Before purchasing a rangefinder, you need to do some research among all brands which are available and should consider few things.

  • Price

Price is a significant factor that determines the type of golf rangefinder you buy. Choosing a rangefinder with as many features as possible is essential. In this way, you can learn or play efficiently.

As a buyer, aim to get the best model for the amount of money you have. If you are a Professional player, you will need some advanced features.

Therefore buying a tournament edition rangefinder is highly necessary. Such brand has lots of features.

For instance, the Bushnell Tour Z6 is one of the most inexpensive model golf rangefinders that have a large array of features, but it comes at a reasonable price.

  • Model

The model goes hand in hand with style and type of game you play. Golf rangefinders may use GPS, laser or optical models.

Improved ones combined both GPS and laser capabilities. Still, recently updated forms provide a wide range of options, among them pin seeker and jolt technologies

  • Maximum Distances and maximum ranges

Distance is very critical in golf. It determines which shots to play over distances, and this points the difference between losses and win.

Accuracy and distances should be number one concern for golfers. It helps to select the correct aim and shot. The distance golf rangefinder can handle will be determined by the game you choose to play.

A rangefinder can measure up to 1500 yards, while other models can cover from 1000 yards to 900 meters.

  • Size and weight

Heavy equipment in the field may inconvenience you. As such, it is important to carry a machine that weighs less.

Some rangefinders are compact and lightweight, and can easily fit in the pocket as you move around. Choose a model that is highly efficient, yet practical. More advanced models are easy to operate.

  • Authenticity

As a golfer, you should prioritize quality. It is necessary to select a brand that delivers accuracy, ease of use, speed and can adapt to climatic changes and other changes in the course.

It is essential to shop around for the best quality from top reputable dealers. Note that top brands are costly, but they are well worth the cost with regard to durability, quality, and overall function. An excellent brand will help you learn the game with relative ease and fewer issues.

  • Research and reviews

Quality, price, and features are among the vital qualities to consider while purchasing a golf rangefinder.

To understand these features you will need to do thorough research on every brand found in the market. The research will help you lock out the guesswork.

Reading customer reviews from genuine customers are best guides in deciding how to choose the best golf rangefinder.

Customer experience from online sources usually gauges various models of rangefinders. Their feedback can help you select the best brand that suits your need.

  • Ease of using

The efficiency of a golf rangefinder depends majorly on the ease of its usage. The more efficient the rangefinder is the more it easy to use.

For people learning golf, a basic model works best for them, because they have few complications. 

Some brands such as Bushnell Tour series have 2 buttons to operate all functions, easy to read, have an adjustable eyepiece and have a clear view.

Also, some easy to use rangefinders have lenses that shed drops of water and ability to clean, thus making them easy to use in rainy conditions.

On the other hand, for professionals who are used to their game can use any model of the rangefinder provided they get the results.

  • Features

Some features of golf rangefinders show the ultimate worth of the machine. The elements determine the model.

More efficient brands can detect temperature, the angle of the shot, elevation and climatic conditions and this makes a perfect golf rangefinder.

The features help golfers to enhance their ability golf effectively. Basic models come with features that are just enough to get you playing on the course.

For professional golfers, major concerns include shape, size, magnification, and accuracy.

Therefore a more advanced model that allows adjustments when playing on slopes, measure distances and altitudes comes in handy.

Additionally, such brands may also have jolt capabilities as well as they use pin seeker technology. Such features in a golf rangefinder enhance additional clarity and accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Every type of player can get golf rangefinder. Most models come with features that help to enhance the game for both the amateur and professionals.

In seeking how to choose the best golf rangefinder, always seek a model that delivers accuracy, functionality, quality and good value for money.

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