What Golf Balls Should I Use In 2021?

Playing golf is a lot of fun; and if you want to join in, you need some essential equipment and accessories. Although skill is necessary to play well, golfers also know that they can’t do well without the right equipment.

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They need to use the right clubs of course, but they also need to give the same attention to finding the perfect golf balls.

Nearly every aspect of the game is affected by the golf ball used. In this post, we will be discussing all the things you need to know about choosing the right golf ball.

Expensive Golf Balls vs Cheap Ones?

This is a common question with golfers. The answer is YES. Premium multi layer golf balls with urethane covers are usually better because they perform exceptionally well throughout the bag.

You may also be wondering is if less-expensive balls can travel a bit farther and straight. It has been found that they can; however, when the two types of balls were takes through tests at the swing speeds of the average-golfer,

It was found that the different between them was almost negligible-usually 6 years less. The main advantage of using urethane-cover balls is that they have the aspect of extra spin, control and feel of shots near the green.

For players who have a decent short game then these balls are definitely worth the extra cash. But if you don’t, you may simply want to stick to the less-expensive balls and pay your bets with the savings.

How to Determine your Price Point for Balls?

Well, you simply have to pay the most you can until you can no longer feel a difference in your performance. However, that shouldn’t include you handicap only.

The secret is if you miss a few greens, then you may want to consider getting a more expensive, high-spinning golf ball.

With that said, it is advisable not to buy multi layer golf balls with urethane covers until you are able to get through a round without suffering two sleeve losses.

How comes recent start-ups are selling tour balls with multi layer urethane covers that go for less than the usual $40+ a dozen?

The most expensive golf balls from top companies tend to have the most innovative and comprehensive manufacturing processes as well as quality control and the highest marketing budgets.

Top companies have the technology and experience needed to make high-end products like balls with multiplayer-cover.

The same cannot be said about start-ups. Many of them work with Asian manufacturing outlets. The good news is that some of these vendors, who are mainly based in China, Taiwan and Korea, have plenty of experience.  

However, many golfers are reluctant when it comes to playing a golf ball from a brand they are not familiar with.

According to consumer surveys, other than performance, the brand name is a powerful influence on a purchase and leading companies are doing everything possible top provide nothing other than the best.

How do you Test a Golf Ball?

Common methods that involve launch monitors and drivers are only a start; though, the actual way involves testing a range of short-game shots using different golf balls.

You will then decide the most important shot to you and choose the balls that perform well on that particular shot.

If you’ve got to sacrifice a small distance, then chances are that you will not be able to notice it.

Do PGA Tour Players Use the Same Balls?

Not always, but on any given week on the tour, approximately a third of the field plays a customized version of the golf balls consumers buy from shops.

When you peruse the conforming list of balls at USGA, you will find that there are models that are not at golf shops but are being used by top players of the PGA tour.

Some players prefer a slightly softer or firmer core or mantle for a slight difference in feel, spin or both. Elite players want to play with balls that fit their game.

Today’s golf-ball manufacturer includes these custom options in their balls for PGA tour players.

But what is the future of golf balls? Should we expect personalized ball technology?  For sure, we can’t tell that for now as it is still impractical. 

However, the most challenging won’t be making these balls, but rather getting players to understand how to use the ball.

Final Notes

There you have it! Golf is a very interesting game and you want to make sure that you have the right apparatus to make the process as good and exciting as possible, particular when you are professional player. 

We have covered all the important points you need to know about choosing a golf balls to make your golfing experience the best with the right ball.

You select a golf ball by using golf ball selector tool also.You will also improve your skills faster. We hope we have answered your question. Share this article with you friends and have a good gaming day!

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